Democracy day

7 novembre 2019

Sam Raincy, I first met during departure to Bangkork.

I found he is a best president for gouvernement to overthrown.

At the same say, I need participating in democracy; therefore, I have undertake the conference in National Assembly at Paris.

NO. He has techincal politic for crurent gouvernement. He had returned home.

CDHR National Assembly – Paris

I like a chef of CICR from Geneva saying that America violated the convention. In conclusion they most concentrate on Islamique attack on EUROPEAN UNION.

They react cyber-attacked, Robot Tueur, to the torrorist.

I do not like their life style. They are dressing neatly, stylist, yet intellectualiste. I am not inferieur. I have LV hand with documents. I reckon I am not Parisian.

Pro – Democracy I must be part of CNRP in France.

Human rights activist

How an activist take action ?

Can I be part ? How come?