Prepare to be …

Life abroad for international students in France :

Pro’s and Corn’s:Fee of enrolment is the way France universities earn easily money. Pay before they read your applications. The issue is, that the way they accept you or not, your nationality is the question. Feel easy going but you will be disappointed for the result. They would not refund your paid high sum of money.

For instance, the Master program is supposed to pay 50 euros for enrolment fee in public school. They might say you did not well-prepare or your language note is bad in French.

Working system is individual : no interactive smily face.

Arrogance is known.

They are most proud of their reputation in model, high class society and richesses.

Helpfulness. You would feel isolated when you have problem or be in trouble in public. They just leave thing happened without aid.Study and just leave this country. It is better to study and find a good man to get married because most are lady killers.

France guys are majority flirting foreingor ladies. They are not responsable at all.High level standard: model environment but not role-model, being well dress and marked clothes but not humanity. Everyone is not equal because of clothes.
Don’t For girls need some friend to hang out with or you do not accept any invitation for drink from a man in a quiet place.Don’t ride a bicycle or you will lost it after classUnknown natural personSay no to illegal drug. Drug dealers might ask you in personal.

Do Sportive to kill time if you feel lonely : public park, swimming pool, bordwalkModern life: to get out at night, but lady killers would be there.Be careful of bad guy. They come any time or everywhere. Attention, quiet place. No one cares.

France students are majority smokers. Before you get in the entrance of the university, you must pass polluted air.They are general keep quiet but pessimist. You are feeling free to do what you want but you are not supposed to ask them any handout or written note from them.They are not willing to help even among them. They prefer ask for help when they travel because they historical a colonised state.