5 years, but not exchange

It is a moment to protect disease from China. I returned to my home country after three years of study in France.

Is it? It is not.

  • Poor still poor : I saw a lady who have been selling her street food since a decade. She is still there but she seems becoming poor.
  • Rich become elite : there are many villa at suburb of Toul Kork where many high ranking ministers neigborhood located. Aeon Sen Sok (second Mall) is the supply chaine for demand of rich people.

Dirty environment since it is dry season so it is dusty, traffic jam and noisy yet crowded.

Down the Olympic Staduim is commercial town where Olympia (big supermarket) covers the sport place from polluted wind.

Nagaworld for Khmer?

I saw many franchise shops, duty free and branded clothes; therefore, Cambodia are interesting in such modern life.

However, I found it is better to live abroad. Chineses people are most authorised to run hotels, business with bank field and high society class than Khmer people.

China Town is right behind the gambling twin building. Their business labels are in chineses and English.

They smoke inside door. In Europ, people do not accept such attitude at all. I can not imagine how people health might be destroied.