UN-backed Tribunal in Phnom Penh

Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia


ECCC was one of my experience where the environment of bad guy, yet they are Cambodian and they had been violating the women, I had never met before. I found the way that the professional staffs did not realize Cambodia’s history; therefore, I need the text inedit for those who did not see as same as me regarding harassement.

Guy from Western flirts Khmer women. Cambodian guy most are worst.
Cambodian guy were modeling a bad-boy.
Supervisor is the chef. However, legal intern was not a slave. He had harassed
They, staffs, nationals, were not open-minded. I have legal background but they do not. For example, they, adult, were from generation of war 1970s. They came to the court without degree.
For instance, I was not lucky enough to meet two bad man in the bus number 3.
The lawyer who benefit young legal intern.
I love the hybrid environment; however, I reckon that international stuffs looked down on Khmer.

I wish to be part of United Nation organization. The headquarter one is a big dream.

Geneva is near Lyon. I have been here for 3 years. I had been to Annecy so I was told about Geneva. There is a Uited Nation Organisation. There was a geoup team called Atlas Women told me about the job environment in Geneva. In public, there are guy who harass in word to woman.