Tennis is best sport when Lyon lockdown

We spend weeks to stay home. Working on internet is mandatory or it is worth to read the book. To keep distance yet connecting with people can be in good manner. I choose playing tennis.

I love playing Tennis. There are possibilties to play when someboby stay indoor. Ecully is where international student residence located. There are two tennis fields. I play with the one near parking and I had chance to have it before others.

I work on internet and take time to move my body and mental health. I love staying healthy.

Eating vegetable or fish. It is my recommendation to be healthy with food. You are what you eat.

I have food for being fit. Peace in mind.

Confinement is making you a bad mood soon or later. Therefore, it is a good thing to often hang out. The wierd moment is that the town is quiet. I prefer this moment.

Lot of international students locked in studio (small space). I have chance with a balcony where the appartment locates in a calm environment.