Confinement for couple

• Be couple
I have to be his staff in the section: for instance we are supposed to be informed anywhere I hang out! The reason is that I must have mask with me before I leave the apartment!

He has good mood is the best moment. I would be fine yet I must be joyful with the confinement. Otherwise, he might be in a bad mood so that is the patient. I recommend staying calm.

It is therapy: people have stress, toxic or boring when they stay a sit. I had been trying to be in balcony when he was frustrated.

• Be his assistance
Doing supermarket is a routine during confinement. I have to buy some foods for us. He may suggest some receipt for dinner so I must listen and make a list for shopping. Then enjoy your first discovery in receipt of fish and French fried.
Bon appétit!

• Make coffee after lunch
In Europe is common to have a small cup of coffee after lunch because the brain is missing oxygen. I have his service for coffee every lunch together.

I have sometimes coffee in the late afternoon.

• Make a walk after dinner
It is recommended to walk everyday at least 5 minutes. We walk to the neighborhood; although, gendarmerie control hanging out.
We enjoy the silence of nature and human activities. The flowers smell so good!

• Have a cup of tea-milk before bed
I have to be fit! Dinner is good yet eat it make me gain weight. I must stay fit with those dresses. I have some tea before bed and movie.

• I will survive
I enjoy sunshine and home –make breakfast. I have orange jus with nutella so the butter is tender to lay on bread.