La consommation par comme les autres

  • University Entrance

Best smokers in France

Best smokers. They love smoking. It can be a way to make friend with France friends because it is normal to ask for a fire in public.

Boardwalk and public street

Best consummer of alcohol

You will see female or male drop in the trush of glass when they finished party the next day. They drink many beer or wine. Of course, France is a country of wine. I know some wine and love somtimes to drink wine too.

Who drink those beverage?

  1. Minor?

They are male or female? I see France culture is a permissive society where females are allowed to do almost everything as male. Men can be a drunker so do women.

  • Family
    • Dad to son: he would drink when he see his dad have a cup of wine.
    • Daughter say no? Wine is not good for female skin.
  • Public environment
    • outdoor: restaurant is not a public place for smoking, snack bar and “Brasserie” neither.