Ambassade discret

What the interrogation

That was not interview. Employment law is not his principle. He asked his consultant to ask impolite question to me. He might think he is a the best man.

The guys were his under control. He had ordered his plan as well as aside by his wife.

I thought I might learned essay from him. However, he had audio link system. NO WAY!

In Lyon, I met them twice. Once at Bellecour for Consulat Festival. Other was at Hotel Mercure Perrache. They were outraged to see me with a strong man. He starred at me. His wife was frustrated to see me stand right next to them.

Mairtime ProArt was a hotel in central of Berlin. I saw him and his two kids. They had luch quietly.


I found that the ambassador had luck getting married to a powerful man’s daughter. He was a taxi driver in Paris before he met his wife.


I learned that the Consulat Festival in Lyon is the government side; therefore, the opposite party has not present.


Caméra vidéo dans la halle d’accueil servent à veiller dans la chambre téléphonique (assistante comptable) au premier étage.

ministre conseiller

Ce n’est pas un être humain

La dame deuxième secrétaire:  pas de qualification


Sa diplo-matie




Ils sont dew tricheurs.


Le paiement de Visa prend 35 euros mais 10 auros pour le gouvernement. 15 euros seront pur leur poche.