Wise Words

My concept: open-minded!

  • Life is about creating your self
  • You can only kill a body, but you cannot kill my motivation
  • I am proud of me, not who I was, but who I will become
  • People can say anythings but they will never understand until it happens to them
  • Be strong like a big tree; never give up when you fall yet the tree keep growing
  • Yesterday, today and tomorrow I am always happy because what I do is my own decision
  • Do not be lazy with your daily habit, or you will be bored and feel missing it when you do nothing
  • Think about the most essential demand in your life, then challenge to get it
  • Dream in your heart, it might become true!
  • Personal encouragement is the best, Nothing is better!
  • We were born out a body, but it will be left in fire or be burried into grave by the death
  • Be satisfy your self is the best way to succeed!
  • I will always appreciate and gratitude those who kindly helped me
  • I help someone without expect their gratitude
  • Do what you like with your best, then you will get it.

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